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Welcome to Funcargo.info

a site all about the strange, but useful Toyota Funcargo / Yaris Verso!

The Yaris Verso, or 'FunCargo'  (Fun Car Go, or Fun Cargo depending) as it was known in Japan, is defined as a "mini MPV".

Based on the Yaris hatchback, the car is cheap to buy, cheap to run, very economical, reliable, and 'fun'. 

Hovering on the fine line between 'cool' and 'ugly' the huge selling point of this car is this - how many other small cars car fit motorbikes in the back? The rear seats fold down into the floor, making a large flat area unlike anything else.

Performance wise, the car behaves a bit like a go-cart - fairly quick off the mark, steering is agile and responsive, it's slides around corners without much control, and takes an age to get to full speed. But it's fun!

Mostly these are front wheel drive, but it was also available in 4x4 (4wd).